North Korea distributes large batches of coronavirus vaccine to soldiers first

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North Korea distributes large batches of coronavirus vaccine to soldiers first

North Korea distributes large batches of coronavirus vaccine to soldiers first

North Korea gives its soldiers a coronavirus vaccine before its citizens Army Praises Leader Kim “It is the greatest grace given by the leader.”

On May 27, 2022, Radio Free Asia (rfa) reportedslot xothat North Korean authorities had begun campaigning for a vaccine distribution program against COVID-19. which is supported by China to citizens in the country This marks the first time Pyongyang has launched a broad vaccine distribution program since the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

Radio Free Asia cited sources in North Korea as saying: The first group of soldiers to receive the Chinese nationality of the coronavirus vaccine are soldiers working at the National Housing Project construction site in central Pyongyang. The project, which Kim Jong Un has pledged to provide homes for 50,000 North Korean welfare states, is scheduled for completion by 2025, so authorities have ordered tens of thousands of troops to speed up construction. completed on schedule

“They are widespread political propaganda. that soldiers will receive vaccines from China They also said that This vaccine is like a vaccine from the undying love of the Supreme Leader.” “The Supreme Leader decided to import the COVID-19 vaccine. in the midst of our difficult situation These vaccines are all the Leader's greatest kindness to the Korean people.”

Since the 18th of May The South Korean military has set up medics at key locations across the city to prepare soldiers for vaccinations amid a national crisis. Troops lined up in stressful lines awaiting vaccination.


North Korea has been in a public health emergency since early May. after admitting that the country's first case of coronavirus was found while the population was found to be sick "flu-like" millions of people before that, in the midst of a global pandemic North Korea denies it has seen many outbreaks of coronavirus before North Korea had previously refused to accept donations of 3 million doses of the Sinovac vaccine from China in September last year. The Pyongyang government has claimed that other countries need more vaccines than North Korea, which is currently uninfected.

However, rfa sources did not explicitly state that. What kind of vaccine is the North Korean-backed coronavirus vaccine in this round? and how many While the report also states that Many people are dissatisfied with the government's lack of clarity on how to distribute vaccines to the general public.