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The abstract, coursework and thesis.

The abstract, coursework and thesis all follow the same structure. They include: the introduction, the main part, the conclusion, a list of  help essay with Essayassistant and appendices (they are not always).

Introduction - this is a prologue to the entire study, it represents its model. Here sets out all the scientific apparatus, which the researcher is guided by, doing research work. On its basis the supervisor analyzes the quality of the abstract, course or diploma work and evaluates: how deeply realized and understood the relevance of the topic, whether the goal is achieved, whether the research methods chosen correctly and competently used, etc.

The composition of the introduction - a description of the scientific apparatus, which depends on what kind of work is performed. If you write an abstract, the introduction will describe the relevance of the topic, the purpose of the abstract, the  homework help biology and research methods. If it is a term paper, then the Introduction, in addition to those components that are included in the abstract, will also include a description of the object and objectives of the study. In the thesis, the entire scientific apparatus is described. So the student, from work to work, gradually masters the technology of scientific research design in the forms available to him.

"The main part" is the conventional name for the description of the whole study, that is, the content part of the abstract, term paper or thesis. This is what is built on the basis of the designed scientific apparatus. Here everything should be subordinated to the goal of achieving the transformation of the subject of research by the methods you have chosen. Everything that was designed and described in the Introduction, here begins to "work".

Every study has a Conclusion as an epilogue to the, as its final part. The purpose of the Conclusion is to show that the goal set for the study has been achieved, and the hypothesis has been proven.

Types of Conclusion: summary, conclusions, and the conclusion itself. The summary is a brief description of the work done, performed as a list of what has been done and the conclusions of the chapters.

The amount of literature included in the List depends on the form of the research work. For the abstract the norm is not less than 5 works, for the course work - not less than 10, for the thesis - not less than 25.


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